Reflexions of re-union performences 2006 / 2007 (by Martin):


Kalwaria-Zebrzydowska, October 15th, 2006 (Poland)

Sunday-evening, Arts centre of Kalwaria - our first revival appearance. We and the polish Indie-Band Revoluzzja performed successfully one of the loudest concerts I ever did. Unfortunatly my brace got torn during our performance. (why couldn’t it happen during the exercises?) Maestros Fabiani and Thomaschek went into improvisation while I had to repair. But a good gig after all – with a lot of dancing people in front of the stage.


Briansk, October 26th, 2006 (Russia)

A Thursday afternoon at lecture room 2, University of Briansk. Day light, chaired room, crowded. A lot of different artists - BURDOCKS played finally there. Good sound and great atmosphere. Felt like being ‘rockstar’ for one day. We had to answer a lot of questions and –we had to give some autographs (!)


Hameln, 16th December 2006

Early Saturday evening at JZ  „Regenbogen“. We the Joch’n Roll-Christmas-Event – our first gig home since re-union started. So there was a lot of people well known to the band and I think we managed to convince. Thx again to the Joch’n Rollteam, specifically with a view to the great sound there was.


Sarstedt, 13th January 2007

JZ ‚Klecks’, Sarstedt. Early Saturday evening again and also  Joch’n Roll-opening. We replaced a dropped band. Wasn’t so very much action that early time but great sound and well done evening after all.



Hameln, 30th March 2007

Communication zentre ‚Sumpfblume’. That Friday evening the we supported  JOACHIM DEUTSCHLAND, a real great rockin’ band! We did ours to let the evening grow. All in all a very great expearence and the BURDOCKS managed to convince. We played some new somgs, too. Nice to do diner with Joachim and his guys. I had to tell the Pied Piper’s story and i saw that the boys were impressed about that. Many thnks to audiance and to Sumpfe-Crew.



Emmerthal-Ohr, 5th April 2007

The ,Colohr’, we opened the „Monster Metal Party“ – an event of metal and hardcore- bands. Nevertheless a well respected successfull evening, too. The well-mixed audiance seemed to agree the BURDOCKS’ music as ell as the other. Special thx to RAID 4 for sharing equipment.