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Hello everybody - Here's the news!


First of all the BURDOCKS want to thank specifically the promoters of the sixth „HAMELN ROCKT“– which was to become a real happening. We also say especially thanks to the audience for coming and developing such a fantastic atmosphere as there was in that great evening – simply splendid!

Our next appearance will be in Hameln, too:

Come to “PINTE” on Saturday, November the 7th, 2009 - the complete address is: “Grosse Hofstraße 17” (the inner city of HM)

That evening BURDOCKS be supported by “EIN FALL FUER DREI” who plays well-known Songs from the older and the younger history of British and American Rock.

Beginning: 20.00 p.m. - Hope to see you numerously.

Best wishes – yours BURDOCKS (autumn of 2009)


“The Band that refused to die…”  (FUZZTONES-Motto)



Above: Relics... 


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